Thursday, July 26, 2012

Via Veneto Ices - The Refreshing Healthy Choice

Via Veneto Italian Ice is a fat & cholesterol free non dairy water based product currently made in twenty-six delicious flavors and our new sugar free lemon and cherry. Unlike "snow cones" and "shaved ice" which are nothing more than syrup poured over ice, Via Veneto Italian Ice is made with time honored recipes and blended in a special freeze machine to a smooth "creamy-like" consistency.

Find Via Veneto Ice Where You Live!

Via Veneto Ices have never been easier to find. We do business in 47 states and have a distribution deal with Hershey's Ice Cream. Whether you live in Minnesota or Texas, or anywhere in between, make the refreshing, healthy choice with Via Veneto.

For a complete list of the states we do business in, visit

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Norristown, PA Beat the Heat!

Battle the heat wave with some of our refreshing italian ices! There's nothing better in this triple digit temperature than our mango ice. For those who want to go the more conventional route, try our best-selling flavors cherry and lemon.